Deer farming meeting – Achadunan Farm, Cairndow

Posted by Dick Playfair on Oct 31, 2022

The next FAS Connect Deer Farming Meeting will be held at Achadunan Farm, Cairndow, Argyll on Wednesday 30th November, 10:30am start, which is open to all to attend. There will be speakers from the Venison Advisory Service and SAC Consulting. We will go a farm walk at Achadunan Farm with hosts Tuggy & Stu whilst they talk about the story of their deer enterprise and how they utilise the draff from their brewery. Stu’s deer farming experience in New Zealand and the management practices he has brought to Achadunan will also be discussed. Alan Sneddon will give the group an update on how things are progressing at Innerhadden Estate with weaning and transition to forage crops.

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